Our Approach

What is IPRM and who operates it?

We are a family operated, solution-based business which is focused on the long-term solution for dealing with invasive plants. IPRM offers a variety of services to local land owners. We have removed Autumn / Russian Olive, Honeysuckle, Locust and Multiflora Rose from hundreds of acres of CRP tree fields, strip mined ground, pasture land and hardwood stands which have been overtaken in invasives. Please let us know if you are interested in a free estimate or consultation.

Our Story

What methods of plant removal are used?

Depending on the terrain and the long-term plan for the property, we either cut and shred, mulch, handsaw and chemically stump treat the invasives. We also provide follow up chemical treatment to prevent the property from being overtaken again in the future. The method we use to remove and treat invasive plants costs a fraction of the typical bulldozing, excavating, burning / burying and reseeding method.

Why are invasive species a concern?

Many of the properties we have cleaned were once good timber, pasture, recreational or hunting land. Since the introduction of invasives, native trees and wildlife have been choked out and the ability to enjoy the property has greatly diminished. Unfortunately, this problem will only get worse in the future unless mechanical / chemical treatment occurs. The longer our problem of invasives go untreated, the more our forests and wildlife are affected.