Removal of Invasive Plant Species

We specialize in removing Honeysuckle, Russian and Autumn Olive, Black and Honey Locust, Osage Orange, Thistle, Tweezle, Multiflora Rose, and many other undesirable trees. The removal process, based on the terrain, is accomplished by hand cutting, girdling for larger trees, or mechanical by industrial cutter.

Targeted Chemical Treatments

Every plant that is cut, is treated with a chemical specific to its species to kill the root system and prevent re-spouts. Our chemical sprayers are also filled with colored dye to indicate complete and quality service.


Follow-up Chemical Treatment

Follow up spring treatments are administered to treat any seeds that have been planted but not yet sprouted, and will ensure a total remedy for your property!

Need an Estimate?

Contact Mike for more details. IPRM would be happy to discuss the unique needs for your specific project, and work together with you to develop a professional plan for getting your invasive species under control!